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Mobile Advising
csMentor is a scalable mentoring /counseling for advisors to interact with their advisees on mobile devices. 

The technology itself is content agnostic, but was piloted as a college-student retention product. In its many-to-many configuration, the tool is designed to enable any individual advisor to create video interactions with her or his advisees when synchronous meetings are not possible.  
Introductory video run time 4 minutes
  1. Mobile Platform
    csMentor enables any individual advisor to create interactive encounters with her or his advisees on their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices.
  2. Personalized Interaction
    Advisees receive the personalized interaction directly on their mobile devices. User responses from any mini-surveys included by the advisor are analyzed with results reported to both advisee and advisor.
  3. Established Efficacy
    csMentor's technology was tested with at scale with 160,000 users. The company conducted successful pilots in multiple states over several years.

Advisor Dashboard... to User Mobile

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Advisee opens and interacts with mutimedia communication from advisor.
Easy to use dashboard enables advisor to create and send video, interactive communications to one or many advisees.
Advisee opens communication by  clicking a link in a text message the csMentor system sends from advisor.